Luggage Luggage

Each airline operates its own regulations about luggage weight and dimensions. Passengers are therefore advised to find out more from their airline.

There are, however, some requirements regardless of the airline company you are flying with.

- Self-balancing devices with or without batteries, electric bikes with batteries

Hand luggage

Only small luggage is allowed in the cabin.

Take care with the content of your hand luggage as this will be inspected at airport security.

The following items are forbidden in hand luggage:

  • Firearms or imitation firearms
  • Knives
  • Blunt instruments
  • Dangerous substances or materials

More information can be found at ministère de l'Ecologie, du Développement durable, des Transports et du Logement.

Restrictions are also in place for liquids: download the DGAC (Direction Générale de l'Aviation Civile) document on safety measures.

Hold baggage

Hold baggage must be left at the check-in desks or at the “dépose bagages" desk for passengers who have already checked-in.

Dangerous substances and materials are forbidden in hold baggage.

You are advised to remove all old travel tags from your luggage to avoid confusion.

Oversized baggage

Passengers with particularly heavy or bulky items should address their airline company for information on pricing and requirements for such items.

At the airport, there is a special desk for oversized baggage (see the terminal maps).