Airport terminal Airport terminal

The new Brest-Bretagne facilities opened to the public on 12 December 2007.

The new airport terminal, required because of the constant growth in commercial traffic, has a capacity of 1.4 million passengers per year.

Modern, aesthetically pleasing and sleek, the airport terminal was designed by Dietschy-Rey-Lesange-Weinmann (DRLW) from Mulhouse.

"The design of a twenty-first century airport terminal should be symbolic, transparent and progressive. The building represents travel, escape ... dreams."
Denis Dietschy, project manager at DRLW architects.

Spaces feel open and aeroplanes are visible to passengers and those who have come to wave them off or greet them, thanks to an immense glass wall, 19m high and 220 long.

Other features of the new airport terminal:

  • Two gangways linking the departures lounge with medium-sized planes and jumbo jets.
  • A wide range of shops: 4 boutiques and 3 eating areas, split between the public area and the departure lounges.
  • A business area: rooms and offices for rent for meetings, seminars, product presentations, recruitment interviews, etc. Find out more
  • More parking. With 1,200 spaces in addition to those which already existed (including 430 covered parking spaces on two levels, directly connected with the public area of the airport terminal), there are now 2,500 parking spaces. More information about parking.