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Brest Bretagne Airport is committed to sustainable development and reducing its impact on the environment.

Environmental commitment

You may find below our environmental commitment (Click to enlarge and browse the document):



Brest and Quimper airports have signed a partnership agreement with the Aéro Biodiversité association.

Aéro Biodiversité is an association governed by the 1901 law that brings together natural and legal persons concerned by the biodiversity present on French airports for professional reasons or for personal reasons of curiosity or culture.

Air transport operators and scientists have decided to come together to share their commitment to the environment. Through their association, they want to take a fresh look at how this industry integrates and interacts with its community.

The safety of people and property is the primary concern in their thinking, actions and advice. On a national scale and through participatory science, airport areas constitute a potential network of biological data providers.

Click on the image below to access the report of Aéro Biodiversité’s first visit to Brest Bretagne airport

On the program, a first tour on the platform to discover common birds and plant species, then a presentation in the field of other protocols such as the monitoring of pollenizing insects or butterflies.



Airport Carbon Accreditation

As part of this process, the airport launched, in early 2016, the Airport Carbon Accreditation certification program. He obtained his certificate Level 2 Reduction.

The Airport Carbon Accreditation program is the only carbon management certification program for airports. It assesses and acknowledges efforts to manage and reduce carbon emissions through four levels of certification:

  • Level 1 : Mapping (Level reached by Brest Bretagne Airport)
    The airport must assess its carbon footprint.
  •  Level 2 : Reduction
    The airport must handle its carbon emissions and decrease its carbon footprint.
  • Level 3 : Optimization
    The airport must  obtain a commitment from its partners to reduce emissions.
  • Level 4 : Neutrality
    The airport must compensate for residual emissions.

The Airport Carbon Accreditation program was launched by ACI Europe to certify airports in their carbon management approach.

ACI Europe represents the European part of the International Airports Council (Airports Council International). Based in Brussels, ACI Europe represents more than 450 airports in 45 European countries.

ACI defends the interests of airport infrastructures and promotes professional excellence in the airport management and operations. By fostering cooperation among airports, global aeronautical organizations and financial partners, ACI contributes to the safety, security, efficiency and environmental responsibility of air transport.