Accessibility for disabled and reduced mobility passengers Accessibility for disabled and reduced mobility passengers

When you make your booking

To ensure the best service quality and to reduce your waiting time as much as possible, it is essential to indicate your needs to your airline when you make your booking or at least 48 hours before your departure time. Your request will be booked for the total trip.


Departure day

  • Parking

The airport terminal is accessible for disabled and reduced mobility passengers. Parking spaces are wider and closer to the airport terminal entrance. 10 spaces are reserved for people with reduced mobility in the P1 covered car park. 12 spaces are reserved in the P2 car park close to the airport. In addition, disabled or reduced mobility passengers can park in the P2 car park at the reduced P3 parking price. To do so, you must go to the parking service before leaving the terminal.

More information about car map and prices.

  • Assistance

Please ensure that you arrive at least 1h30 before your departure time. Let us know as soon as you arrive at the airport by reporting straight to the check-in desk. To reserve a warm welcome, check-in counters have been refitted. Then, the assistance comes and escorts you to the boarding.


  • Arrival of the aircraft and connecting flight

At the arrival, you are met at your aircraft seat and taken to your final point of leaving the airport. For connecting flights, the same principles apply.