Parking Parking

Parking price list


Download the parking price list from December 1st, 2022 for the car parks to know your parking rate at Brest Bretagne airport in advance.

There is access for disabled people to the P2 car park at the rate of the P3 car park. To enable this access, go to the car park information point along with your card for severely disabled people and severely disabled ex-service people before the payment.

Parking promotion 

For the period from July1st to August 31, 2023, Brest Bretagne Airport offers you to benefit from Parking P2 (in the immediate vicinity of the terminal) at the rate of P3 (economy parking) for a week package (6-8 days only, not cumulative) or at the price of 54 euros instead of 78 euros.  After this period, the P2 parking rate will be applied.

Take your ticket at the entrance, keep it with you to pay directly when you return to the airport and take advantage of the special offer. By reading your license plate, the barrier will open automatically when you leave the parking lot. 

Annual subscription rates 2023


P1 : 1080€ (for 12 months)

P2 : 630€ (for 12 months)


Card reproduction: 30€
Battery breakdown: 25€
Deposit of visitor keys: 15€
Package 2 wheels: 25€
Business space parking package: 10€

Parking franchises

You can exit the car park without paying :

    If you go through the car park without parking
    If you park less than 10 minutes on P1 car park
    If you park less than 20 minutes on P2 car park
    If you park less than one hour on P3 car park

Just insert your ticket into the exit terminal.



Service Parkings
Aéroport Brest Bretagne
29 490 Guipavas

Car park map

Click to extend the map.

Pedestrial path P3 <--> Terminal : 8 minutes







Upon entering the chosen car park, press the ticket request button.

Take your ticket, the barrier opens.

Keep hold of your ticket; you will need it, on your return, to pay for your parking time.

Payment and exit

Payment can be made at the car park office or by the following two methods:

> At the automatic machines located in the air terminal
(By bank card, coins or notes)

Insert your ticket and follow the instructions

Once payment has been made, take back your ticket, you will need it to exit the car park.

Return to your vehicle. Once you have paid for your parking stay, you have 15 minutes to go to the exit terminal.

Insert your ticket into the exit terminal, the barrier opens.

> At the exit terminal
(Bank card only)

Insert your ticket, then your bank card.

Once payment has been made, the barrier opens.