Administrative formalities

Before you even book your tickets, think about the administrative formalities (identity card, passport, family booklet) depending on the destination of your flight.

You are a French national and you are travelling on a domestic flight
You only need an identity card or a valid passport to travel in metropolitan France. The driver’s license is also tolerated as long as the last name matches the name on the reservation (be careful if it is your maiden name that appears).

We remind you that the validity of the identity card is now 15 years old.  If your card was issued between January 2, 2004 and December 31, 2013, and you were of full age when you received it, the 5-year extension is automatic. You do not have to take any additional steps.

For minors, the validity period remains 10 years.

What are the formalities for an international flight?

For all practical information about your destination, it is imperative to consult the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Your reservation

Need information about your flight or need to change your ticket?
If your tickets were purchased on our website with our partner Option Way, please contact them by email at contact@optionway.com.

If you have booked with the airline, contact them directly by phone or via their website.

In other cases, contact the issuing agency physically or online, for any information or modification.

What are the destinations offered from Brest Bretagne Airport?

For any questions about our programs (destinations, flight days), please visit the dedicated page.



Brest Bretagne Airport

Have you forgotten or lost something at the airport?

You can contact the Baggage/Lost and Found Service of the airport by email at lostandfound@abh.bzh

The service is open to the public every day (including the WE), Monday to Saturday from 9am to 11pm, Sunday from 10am to 11pm.

Do not forget to give us as much information as possible to find it as easily as possible (contacts, date, route and flight number).


How long before your departure do you have to go to the airport?

Generally speaking, for domestic flights, it is better to arrive 1h30 before the flight departure time and 2h to 2h30 for international and charter flights.


Do you have questions about the airport parking lot?

Don’t panic, consult the parking information directly (access, subscription, drop-off, etc.).


The different services offered at Brest Bretagne Airport

For any question about the services of Brest Quimper Bretagne airports, the websites www.brest.aeroport.bzh and www.quimper.aeroport.bzh will give you all the useful and practical information.


Need to contact the airport?

Have you not found the answer to your question? You can contact us by email at info@brest.aeroport.bzh

Find us also on social networks: Facebook, Instagram


See you soon at Brest Quimper Bretagne Airports !