Sanitary measures

updated on 08/04/2022

Health measures according to your travel destination


You are travelling on a domestic flight

Removal of the vaccination pass for domestic flights since 14 March

Since March 14, 2022, the vaccination pass is no longer required on domestic flights (including Corsica) for passengers It is therefore no longer required to provide the result of a PCR or antigenic test or to justify a complete vaccination.

Wearing a mask is mandatory on board aircraft from the age of 6, but not at the airport with the exception of passenger transfer vehicles (e.g. buses, shuttles, cars..)


You are travelling outside Metropolitan France

For flights to/from DOM or international

To know the conditions of entry to the DOM, you can consult the official sites:

To find out about entry requirements in the country you are visiting, we recommend you visit

It is the entry conditions of the country of final destination that apply, and for passengers coming from (transit) another country and arriving in France, the conditions are according to the classification of the country of departure.
To best prepare your trip and have the assurance of being in possession of all the health documents required by the authorities of your country of destination. Prior to your arrival at the airport, please visit