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Sardinia - Olbia

The Costa Smeralda
©Sardegna digital library/Manunza Bruno
The Costa Smeralda<br />
©Sardegna digital library/Manunza Bruno Alghero<br />
©Ufficio stampa della Regione Autonoma della Sardegna The Maddalena Archipelago<br />
©Sardegna digital library/Ruiu Domenico Stintino, La Pelosa beach<br />
©Sardegna digital library/Trainito Egidio

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Actuellement à Sardaigne
Vent Nord-Est - 20.0 km/h
Vent 31Température

South of Corsica, Sardinia has managed to reconcile tourism with the island's wild beauty: hilltop villages, Roman churches, olive groves, crystal clear waters and secret creeks. Sardinia also offers a taste of ancient and traditional culture.

If you like watersports, hiking through the scrubland, Mediterranean cuisine and great nightlife, then Sardinia is the destination for you.


Sights to see

- the Costa Smeralda, to the north of Olbia, with its spa resorts which welcome visitors day and night
- the Maddelena Archipelago: a charming little port and a panoramic road running alongside splendid beaches
- Le golfe d’Orosei, magnifique région côtière : criques, plages de sable fin et eau turquoise
- the ramparts and the historical centre of the Spanish-influenced tow of Alghero: hear the locals speak a Catalan-derived dialect
- the bear-shaped rock of Capo d'Orso, which has long fascinated navigators: Ptolemy the Greek even mentioned it


Things to taste

As with elsewhere in Italy and in Corsica, the charcuterie (cured meat) is excellent. Salciccia is similar to French saussison. The island's goat and sheep cheeses, including pecorino sardo, are widely known.

Antipasti is an assortment of starters, served in small quantities, varying from one region to the next. Porceddu is Sardinia's main speciality: suckling pigs roasted over wood fires and scented with wild laurel leaves.



Sardinia tourist office website.

N.B.: information concerning requirements is only valid for French nationals.

  Fligt time 2h30  
  Time difference None  
  Requirements Identity card or passport  
  Currency Euro  
  Language Italian  
  Climate Mediterranean